Today’s Rate

Where are rates today?

When asked this question, mortgage companies are usually quick to quote a low rate to try and peak your interest. The problem with this low quoted rate is that it is achievable only in limited situations.

Unfortunately, as the borrower …

  • you may never receive this rate
  • and you will become very disappointed in the process

This is the same type of advertising scene in the auto industry. Pick up any Sunday newspaper and call on a new car ad that looks too good to be true. What you will find are little tricks, like there only being one car at the advertised price. Mortgage companies and internet quoted interest rates are much the same. This is why you are not finding quoted interest rates on this page

Envoy Mortgage will be happy to quote you a rate AFTER we fully understand your financial situation, and you understand all of the loan programs available to you. There are many variables that coincide with the interest rate available to you. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Your loan term (30, 20, 15 year fixed loan)
  • Your credit score
  • The value and location of your home
  • The length of time at your house
  • Whether or not you chose to pay property taxes and insurance with your monthly mortgage payment
  • The length of time between loan application and your closing date

At Envoy Mortgage, we understand the importance of interest rates; however it is vital that ANY mortgage company gather the information above to quote you the right rate. This is not a one size fits all situation.

In order to provide you with the best possible interest rate, along with providing information about the loan programs available to you, it is recommended that you contact us. Let your personal loan counselor guide you to the most comprehensive loan programs available at today’s aggressive rates.